carboNZero Certification CERT TM

We are extremely proud and delighted to be a carboNZeroCERT TM certified company.      

What is a carboNZero certification? It is a world-leading greenhouse gas (GHG) certification programme and the first to be accredited under ISO 14065. carboNZero certification ensures consistency of emissions measurement, reduction, and neutrality claims. carboNZero certification was developed through one of New Zealand’s leading Crown Research Institutes, Landcare Research.

The GHG emissions produced by our company’s entire operational activity from staff transport, delivery of goods to clients, energy consumption, air travel, freight, waste, has been calculated and off-set. 

Carbon Credit Projects: We offset our carbon emissions by supporting certified carbon credit projects right here in New Zealand as well as abroad. We choose to support the Banks Peninsula land restoration project, which is creating a permanent carbon sink by replanting previously cleared forest. The impact goes further than just carbon sequestration – trees also have a positive impact on rivers, soil and native wild life.

Carbon Reduction: Once our carbon emissions are calculated we then have a base line to work towards reduction. Our reduction targets are ever increasing. We don’t simply stop at offsetting our carbon we work consistently to reduce our footprint on a daily basis. 

“We look forward to seeing this amazing certification grow and become adopted by many other NZ companies. We believe this will one day become the new norm as companies begin to understand the impact of their operations on the environment. We hope more and more people will purchase products, goods and services based on credible research-based certifications like carboNZero from Enviro-Mark Solutions." Rachel Alexander, Sustainability Manager.  

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